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For Hospitals and Health Care Profesionals

Health Care industry clients can rest assured that your data bearing devices will be controlled from the moment they are collected by RMG to final disposition.  Printers, copiers and fax machines are also thoroughly checked for private information that may have been inadvertently left behind.


Data Protection

All destruction events are tracked for all data-bearing devices.  You will also receive a detailed report describing the history of each event and result. RMG uses the latest data protection platforms but can also provide physical destruction.


Lab Equipment

RMG can help you recycle surplus or obsolete lab equipment.  

Electronics Recycling for hospitals and healthcare

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Solutions For
  • Dentists

  • Urgent Care offices

  • Home health care 

  • Labratories

  • Healthcare networks

  • Physical therapy facilities

  • Rehabilitation hospitals

  • Medical schools

  • Veterinary hospitals

  • Senior living facilities

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