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Recycling for Public Works and Municipalities

Municipal electronics recycling.

One of the challenges of collecting and recycling residential electronics is dealing with the seasonal volume swings.  You may also be noticing that the size of the televisions are increasing and taking up more space at your facility leading to material spilling out all over the ground.  During the peak recycling seasons, some contractors have a hard time keeping up with service requests.  This is a common problem throughout New England and RMG has a new Managed Electronics Recycling Service designed specifically to keep ahead of the peak demand so you can maintain a safe and orderly collection site.


Managed Recycling Services include:

  • Television and Monitor Recycling

  • Onsite pack outs

  • Secure container and storage support

  • Handling supplies

  • Computer recycling with hard drive sanitization

  • Support for other municipal facilities (Police and Fire, Schools, Administration)



Residential television recycling, Municipal electronics recycling
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