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Asset Retirement Services

Asset Reporting

RMG provides affordable and flexible tracking and reporting plans whether you need a snapshot for financial reporting or to ensure you are compliant with data security regulations.  


RMG can also perform third party cross-checks for previous inventory reports to ensure that equipment has been properly tracked and accounted for.

Secure corporate and small business IT asset disposition and recycling.
Asset Remarketing

Does your surplus technology have resale value?  The RMG ITAD process handles each asset separately so they can be prepared and directed to the right reuse channel to maximize disposition ROI.

Asset Recycling

Assets destined for recycling will go through RMG's in-house assessment process. Most complete items will be destined for demanufacturing which harvests raw materials for further refining and reusable components for resale or refurbishing other assets. 

Do you need help with asset reirement services?  Please fill out the contact form below.

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